What is Oikosnet Europe? A presentation

Oikosnet Europe – Ecumenical Association of Academies and Laity Centres in Europe (EAALCE) is an all-European network of about 70 Christian conference and retreat centres from all confessional traditions.  

Each year more than 260 000 people from all walks of life participate in more than 2 000 conferences and other gatherings in 18 European countries around a wide spectrum of topics like ecology, women´s issues, development, spirituality, peace, social issues, youth, theology etc.

The Oikosnet Europe member centres mobilize and empower laity and they collaborate in dealing with actual social problems by dialogue. 

The Association celebrated its 51st Annual Conference in Sweden in Sigtuna Stiftelsen, where under the leadership of Olov Hartmann and Eberhard Müller the idea to establish an European association of Christian academies and laity centres was born. The theme of the gathering in 2006 was ”The public role of religion – new configurations in European cultures.” This theme continued at the 52nd Annual Conference in Bad Boll Academy, Germany in 2007, where we looked particularly at the public role of religions as contribution to European democratic culture.

EAALCE is going through a deep restructuring process that aims at redefinding its mission and vision. The previous conferences adopted a new constitution, opted for a leaner governance model with a five persons board, a multi-year work plan, and took a number of decisions that will help to overcome the constraints caused by a structural deficit in the past couple of years. The transition period leads us to the Annual Conference in 2008 when the new governance will be implemented.

Oikosnet Europe is part of the global network OIKOSNET with more than 300 member centres in all continents:

  1. Oikosnet Africa – ACLCA
  2. Oikosnet Asia – ACISCA
  3. Oikosnet  America Latina – CONOSUR
  4. Oikosnet Europe – EAALCE
  5. Oikosnet Middle East – MEATRC
  6. Oikosnet North America – NARDA

Dialogue for peaceful change (DPC) is the first global Oikosnet project. DPC is part of a global coalition dedicated to creating safe spaces to overcome division, through a structured process of mutual empowerment. The program is based on work in Corrymeela, Northern Ireland, and is applicable to conflicts in communities, organizations, families and between individuals. 

For more information: http://www.oikosnet-europe.eu/

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